Materialien 2015

keine abschiebungen nach afghanistan

Two years ago, Shokria, then six years old, lost her father. He was killed by the Taliban for serving in the Afghan national army. Shokria’s uncle refused to believe that the Taliban was responsible and accused Shokria’s mother, Najia, of murdering his brother. Najia was sent to prison and Sho-
kria went with her. Shokria lived in prison for two years before she was transferred to the CSC. She is now attending public school and hopes to become a teacher when she grows up. Najia is happy and relieved that Shokria is out of prison and enjoying her childhood again.

Just keep dreaming
Never give up
Life will be shiny
Know your abilities
Your hidden talents
Good days are coming

Your wishes and hopes
Won’t be lost
Forget your pains
Sorrow will be over
Be brave
Good days are coming

It doesn’t matter if life is short
Or doesn’t happen the way you expected
Be patient
Wait and
Good days are coming

Shake the pain
From your heart
Breathe deeply
Start again
Stay with it
Good days are coming

By Shokria

Fotos: Günther Gerstenberg


Jahr: 2015
Bereich: Flüchtlinge